5 Ways to Drag and Be Dragged

Video (2007)

“5 ways to Drag or Be Dragged” renders visible the many possibilities of any single moment. Francis Bacon meets Eadweard Muybridge in this homage to the multiplicity of time/space.

Excerpt of 12 minute loop


Exhibition History:

this is not a self portrait
Group Exhibition: This Is Not A Self Portrait
September 21 – October 20th, 2007
Opening Reception: September 21st from 5-8pm
Project Space
Chicago, IL
Exhibition includes work by: Anthea Behm, Carrick Bell, Wafaa Bilal, Lucas Blalock, Dara Brady, Chase Browder, Amanda Joy Calobrisi, Brenden Codey, Helen Maurene Cooper, Barbara DeGenevieve, Megan Euker, Sean Fader, Jill Frank, Jennifer Grimyser, Julia Hechtman, Aaron Henderson, Kate Jenkins, MyeongBeom Kim, Mayumi Lake, Annie Langan, Regina Mamou, Julia Marsh, Aspen Mays, Takeshi Moro, Helene L. Palser, Laura Parker, Claire Pentecost, Jules Rosskam, Melanie Schiff, Austin Shull, S.I.R., Travis LeRoy Southworth, Scott Patrick Wiener
Curated by Sean Fader and Jill Frank

Group Exhibition: VOID
May 18-26, 2006
Opening reception: May 18th from 6-9pm
Chicago, IL
Exhibition includes work by: Alejandra Abad, Mark Beasley, Frederick Elms, Joshua Felix, Natasha Fountain, Aaron Henderson, Tiffany Holmes, Aaron Koelsch, Jared Madere, Matthew Nelson Eliza Ryus, Joshua Stanholz, Emily Siefken, Bruno Torquato
Curated by Tiffany Holmes and Matt Nelson

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  1. [...] “5 Ways to Drag and Be Dragged” is included in This Is Not a Self Portrait, curated by Sean Fader and Jill Frank. This exhibition showcases the work of over 20 artists who explore non-traditional approach to self-portraiture. [...]

  2. VOID says:

    [...] 5 Ways to Drag and Be Dragged is included in VOID curated by Tiffany Holmes and Matt Nelson. [...]

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