After the Fall

Multimedia Opera (2003)

I co-created (with Jamie Jewett) this evening-length performance that blended dance, an original score, and projections. The narrative is a contemporary re-imagining of the inventor Daedalus, finding him some years after Icarus’ death.

Animation from After the Fall (8 minute excerpt from the middle of the performance)

About the show:
After the Fall reimagines Daedelus, the grandfather of technology, as the forlorn protagonist in a landscape of projected images. A sculptural series of projection screens (lit by Juliet Chia) and an original score by Timothy Quigley (songs by Jeff Wallman) provide the environment in which Daedalus (Matt Schicker), Ariadne (Mira Kim) and an everyday Icarus (Ian Van Voorst) discover just how the real-time and video imaged world is only a symptom of the past’s impotence in healing the present.

Jamie Jewett and Aaron Henderson: Concept and Video
Jamie Jewett: Choreography
Aaron Henderson: Animation
Thalia Field: Dramaturgy
Juliet Chia: Lighting
Timothy Quigley: Music
Jeff Wallman: Songs

Performance History:
2004 Green Street Studios, Boston, MA
2003 St. Mark’s in-the-Bowery, New York,

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