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Village Voice Review of Catapult
Elizabeth Streb Spins Her ‘Whizzing Gizmo’
by Deborah Jowitt

streb_caravaglia“…Aaron Henderson’s vivid projection design shows us some numbers from overhead, occasionally multiplying images into kaleidoscopic patterns. Shapes swim in and out of focus. The short sentences in Laura Flanders’s libretto are projected kookily in addition to being heard on tape. You might want to memorize them for your next science test, as well as for a clue to the impending action (sample: “There is no stasis, only a sequence of situations”)…”

Photograph by Tom Caravaglia

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Aaron Henderson’s videos and installations examine the ways that humans move. Recent projects examine the personal, cultural and political ramifications of all action, from intimate gestures to displays of super-human acrobatics.

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