Dimitri, Los Angeles, 1984 (Concept)

Public Sculpture concept (from The Unrealized Gesture Series)


The proposed sculpture is a trace of an unrealized action, Russian gymnast Dimitri Bilozertchev’s Pommel Horse routine at the Los Angeles Olympics. The personal, social and political collided when the Russian team decided to boycott the Olympics, derailing Dimitri’s dreams of Olympic gold. The full scale (approx 8’ x 10’ x 10’) steel sculpture imagines the path of his feet as they rise, circle and twist, inscribing a gesture rehearsed thousands of times. The impossibly complex arcs appear to hover, suspended from above, with two points touching the ground.

This project draws from Ettiene-Jules Marey’s early studies of movement, created at the advent of the photographic image.

“Dimtri” is the first of a series of sculptural projects that attempt to physicalize gestures or movements that have not happened, but have been imagined.

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