The Metamorphoses Series

High-definition video series (2008)

The Metamorphoses series (Biggie, Britney, George, Oprah and Michael) was shot at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum earlier this year. It documents transgressive and playful interactions that occur as people stage encounters with wax celebrities. The stillness of the wax museum entices people to perform. These actions are most often frozen again by digital and disposable cameras, and the memories are clearly preserved. The actual performances are much more complicated, as the time leading up to and after the ‘decisive moment’ provide enigmatic and conflicting portraits of representation, culture and power.

46″ LCD panels with embedded Blu-ray players mounted inside custom frames.

G2 installation shot, Biggie and Michael
Installation view, Gallery 2, Chicago, IL. Metamorphoses (Biggie) & Metamorphoses (Michael) in foreground, paintings by Amanda Calobrisi and Metamorphoses (George) in background.

The following are video stills:
Metamorphoses (Oprah), 2008

Metamorphoses (Britney), 2008

Metamorphoses (Biggie), 2008

Metamorphoses (George), 2008

Metamorphoses (Michael), 2008

Exhibition History
Solo Exhibition: Metamorphoses
August 28th-September 25, 2009
Opening reception August 28th, 2009
The Niche in the Fine Arts Library at the University of Virginia

Two Person Exhibition: Pepe Mar and Aaron Henderson
September 20th – October 26th, 2008
Opening reception from 7-10pm on September 20th
White Flag Projects
St. Louis, MO

Group Exhibition: Cover Blown (Graduate Exhibition)
April 25 – May 16th, 2008
Opening Reception: April 25th from 9-11pm
Gallery 2
Chicago, IL

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