WATCH/PLAY Performances in Baltimore

Public WATCH/PLAY Performances
Various locations throughout downtown Baltimore, MD
Sunday, March 14, 2010, 12-6pm

Choreographer Mikey Thomas and local movers perform in downtown Baltimore.

Mikey Butane Thomas (Goucher College, Assistant Professor, Dance)
Lynne Price
Lilly Susskind
Jenny Berkowitz
Marilyn Mullen
John Hoobyar
Melissa Talleda
Angelica Daniele

Surveillance cameras observe and record all kinds of everyday actions, but their primary purpose is to record (and/or discourage) crimes. What would happen if we used these cameras to examine other aspects of our culture, and opened their feeds up to the public-at-large?

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Aaron Henderson’s videos and installations examine the ways that humans move. Recent projects examine the personal, cultural and political ramifications of all action, from intimate gestures to displays of super-human acrobatics.

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