Performance Installation, 2001

Snowblind : Overwhelmed by the light reflected from snow particles. When filtering becomes the world, when information becomes a landscape, and bodies are viewed cinematically rather than experienced subjectively. The transformation from “establishing shot” naturalism to the storm of subordinate experience-data is enacted in the fierce and reflective movements of a solo performer responding to herself on screen.

Jamie Jewett and Aaron Henderson: Concept and Production
Mira Kim: Performance
Matmos and Mark Isham: Music

Exhibition History:
Tens the Limit
May 2-3, 2003
Green Street Studio
Cambridge, MA

Snowblind was initially comissioned by Entity, a digital media collective
2002 IMMEDIA conference
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

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Aaron Henderson’s videos and installations examine the ways that humans move. Recent projects examine the personal, cultural and political ramifications of all action, from intimate gestures to displays of super-human acrobatics.

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